• More Reversible Cloths

    Following the success of Three Reversible Cloths, here we have Three More Reversible Cloths.
  • Reversible Rules!

    Here is a diamond shaped cloth with a lacy edging, worked in a magic double-sided stocking stitch. This gives it double thickness, all from a little slip-stitch.
  • New - Lace Flower Circle

    Following on from the Three Reversible Cloths, I wanted to design a circular dishcloth with a lace element. I also wanted it to be reversible - who doesn't love a reversible cloth?
  • Vintage 1940s cardi finished!

    I've just finished this stripey 1940s short sleeved cardigan in 4-ply angora. This was commissioned by a friend who does historical re-enactments, putting together a 1940s outfit. She chose the pattern, the colours and the buttons, which saved me a lot of time as I am hopeless at putting colours together!

    I love the gathering effect on the waist and sleeve cuffs, and also the fabulous pleat in the shoulders.
  • Barnett Drum Carder

    All about the Barnett Drum Carder, beloved by spinners worldwide, with links to the original manual.
  • Being productive...

    Kitty bed update, Go To Design fine art reproduction prints, and a shout out to dog walking with the Cinnamon Trust.
  • Cat Basket finished!

    Cat Basket finished - pattern available - includes 2 methods and 2 sizes - with no seaming!
  • Cat basket in progress

    Cat basket in progress - Magic Loop method makes it easy!
  • First post on my new website!

    First post!