Here is my latest knitting pattern, the Lace Flower Circle.  Following on from the Three Reversible Cloths,  I wanted to design a circular dishcloth with a lace element.  I also  wanted it to be reversible - who doesn't love a reversible cloth?

The pattern is worked in one piece using short rows and simple yarn  overs for the lace effect around the edges.  There is one short seam to  sew.

The Lace Flower Circle can be knitted in any kind of yarn from fine  2-ply up to seriously chunky.  It can be many things depending on the  weight of yarn you choose.

Dishcloth – spa cloth - table mat – coaster – rug – throw – cat blanket.

Knitted in cotton yarn, it makes a decorative and practical dishcloth or  face cloth.  Alternatively you could use 4-ply or a finer yarn to make a  small delicate flower, for a beautiful addition to your dressing  table.  

Or why not go chunky on big needles to make a giant flower to  grace your favourite armchair, or for your cat to lounge on?