So all 3 cats have ‘had a go’ in the new giant wool cat beds.  They  don’t need much persuading, especially if I place the bed in a high  status location, like in front of the radiator or on top of the piano.   Uncle Herbert was pretty happy about his snooze here.

Early on in lockdown I got a bit frustrated with being being  unproductive, when I suddenly had all this time on my hands.  There are  lots of articles in the news about how to use this strange gift of time,  if you’re not doing your day job.  Some people even suggest that, hey,  don’t feel under pressure to be productive, just enjoy your  unproductiveness, you’ll never get another chance.   Well that didn’t  sit well with me.  So after doing all the obvious lockdown activities  like clearing the garden and re-acquainting myself with home baking, I  refreshed this blog and set up  Time well spent! 

Then, over the last 2 weeks I’ve been focussing on my art print business, Go To Design.  Wow, it really needed a re-vamp.  I have a website but most of my sales & traffic is on Etsy, Ebay  and Amazon.  It’s been great to have the time and the head space to  really think about the images I’m listing and adding new ones.   Categories, tags and descriptions have been spruced up, and 150 new  images are now live, with another 100 to come. 

I select images based on well known artists who are out of  copyright.  I have to decide which artworks would make a good piece of  framed wall art.  I get such a buzz when one of the new images sells!   It’s not always the image I would expect.  For example, floral still  life pictures aren’t the greatest sellers, but this one sold straight  away.  ‘Peonies, 1920’ by Charles Rennie Mackitnosh.

To take a break from all this at-the-computer time, I am doing a Zoom  pilates class but best of all I get to walk Meggie and Badger 3 times a  week.  The weather has been sunny and the bluebells are glorious right  now!  Here they are in our local woods in Sheffield, UK.

I can’t mention Meggie & Badger without giving a shout-out to The Cinnamon Trust.   I am a registered volunteer with them, and they do the most amazing  work to help the elderly and terminally ill to keep their pets.  They  celebrate and promote the special bond between people and their  companion animals, recognising the benefits to physical and mental  health.  Taking the dogs for a romp through the woods is a joy and a  wonderful mood lift! 

Hope you are all keeping well and finding ways to get through, 

L x