I have occasionally mentioned the Barnett Drum Carder on my Wordpress blog.  As a result, I sometimes get enquiries from spinners and fans of the machine around the world who are looking for advice or spare parts.  So I’ve dedicated a new page on my blog to the Barnett Drum Carder.  I've included the original drum carder manual with full text.  

Drum carder front page

David Barnett is my Uncle (my mother’s brother) and although I’m not a  spinner (yet!) I am so proud to be part of the family handcrafting  tradition.  Uncle David made the giant double pins and circular needles  which enabled me to start my adventures in Extreme Knitting back in 2012.   I am also the proud guardian of the Great Wheel which he made back in the 1970s.

Great Wheel

One day I will learn to spin, as I think that will be a whole new  world….but for now I’ll be knitting, with the tools that have passed through my Uncle’s hands.